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    Large-Scale Sound Systems

    Our design staff has a wealth of experience on projects involving audio communication with a large number of people including:

    • multi-building life safety systems
    • multi-building paging / emergency warning systems
    • tornado warning systems
    • open plan sound masking systems
    • stadium & arena sound systems
    • auditorium sound systems
    • church sound systems
    • concert music systems

    Spectra Tech can provide the following services on your sound system project:

    • contract administration
    • specification services
    • computer-based analysis of the site plan(s) and/or floor plan(s) of the building(s)
    • speaker layout based on the desired frequency spectrum output
    • determination of whether any existing equipment might be salvaged and re-used
    • consultation with system users re: input devices (microphones, control consoles, processors, etc.)
    • coordination for the primary AC power circuits, as well as standby power supplies for systems used for
      emergency warning purposes.
    • performance testing to assist in fine-tuning the system and assure contractor compliance with contract

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