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    Spectra Tech can assist you in achieving privacy in your facility, no matter whether your noise source is speech, music, or just plain noise from equipment, etc.

    We do not sell or install acoustical materials. We are design consultants who represent your interests.

      Achievement of privacy in your facility is dependent on many inter-related design factors, and requires coordination of architectural, interior, mechanical, and structural design.

    Spectra Tech can coordinate this effort and perform the following services (as needed):

    • Assist in determining and quantifying the privacy expectations of facility occupants, in terms of acoustic privacy and impact isolation.
    • Conduct Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC) and Field Impact Isolation Class (FIIC) performance testing on-site, per ASTM standards.
    • Certify Speech Privacy for secure facilities (SCIF, etc.) using a combination of FSTC / NC / Source Level / Audio Recovery tests.
    • Identify and quantify the sound level and frequency range of intruding speech, music, or equipment noise.
    • Survey existing building construction, systems, and equipment in order to identify current privacy performance and deficiencies
    • Rate the measured privacy performance of existing construction, or the predicted privacy performance of proposed construction, using recognized privacy rating standards.
    • Identify opportunities and constraints pertaining to implementation of designs related to achievement of privacy.
    • Present design architectural design and / or sound masking system design options that will result in the desired level of privacy.
    • Assist in the preparation of bid & contract documents, including plans and specifications.
    • Assist in preparation of budget estimates for materials, installation labor, and support services
    • Identify and prequalify acceptable contractors
    • Assist in bid and contract administration
    • Performance testing to assist in fine-tuning the installation, assure contractor compliance with contract, and achievement of the desired level of privacy.


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