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    Multimedia Systems

    It's taken months to collect the data. The meeting presenters have spent long hours carefully preparing the program message.  The meeting presentation system is the link connecting the program presenters and the program participants.  The presentation system simply has to be "right on."

    Spectra Tech  has the resources and experience necessary to bring multi-media program presentations to life, wherever multimedia is used:

    • Corporate Offices   
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Education Facilities
    • Museums
    • Government Agencies
    • Entertainment Systems    

    Often our expertise is required in several design disciplines across a wide energy spectrum:

    • Computer Systems - we will interface with your existing hardware & software, and accommodate future deployment plans
    • Information Technology - our designs will mesh seamlessly with your existing data network
    • Acoustics - we will optimize room designs for speech and program intelligibility
    • Optics -we will optimize room dimensions and physical layouts for viewer line-of-sight, projected image light levels, and projected image size for viewers, etc.
    • Video - we will integrate television cameras and recording technology into the systems
    • Audio - we wiii provide sound amplification and recording capabilities
    • Lighting - we will coordinate and control ambient lighting within the presentation room

    Our staff will coordinate all aspects of the presentation systems design with the project team, and provide input on architectural, interior, mechanical, and electrical systems designs to develop the project for optimum multimedia program presentation and speech communication.

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