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    Information Technology (IT) Systems

    Wireless communication technologies have revolutionized the way we do business. There are more wireless communication devices than wired devices in many parts of the world. Some say it will be a "wireless world." Perhaps. For now, our commercial, medical, and educational communications infrastructure is still a "wired" world.

    There is a push toward fiber-optics, but many installations will still rely on high-speed copper cable networks. The staff of Spectra Tech can assist you in designing a system for today that will prepare you for tomorrow's communications demands too. Consultation may include contract administration, design, and specification services.

    IT systems consultation is particularly important for facilities such as:

    • Educational Facilities
    • Medical Facilities
    • Retails Stores
    • Financial Institutions
    • Media Production Facilities
    • Entertainment Facilities
    • Any other facility where mass amounts of data are routinely stored or accessed by a large number of users

    Spectra Tech can assist in programming where each piece of telephone, computer, data terminal, entertainment device, and other forms of communication equipment are to be installed so that proper cabling and access to it is provided throughout the facility, now and for years into the future. In some cases, wireless devices such as wireless routers are incorporated to extend the terminus of a cable. We can prepare plan drawings, schematics, and specifications detailing the complete IT system bid package, including installation (as required) of underground site cables, grounding and lighting projection, building entries and terminal panels, interior grounding and bonding, raised access floors for communication/computer termination rooms, equipment racks and patch panels, interior premises wiring, terminals, back boxes, surface raceways, cabling, and device jacks, identification labels, and wall plates. We can monitor onsite progress of the installation to assure that all work is performed in accordance with contract requirements.

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