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    Spectra Tech can assume complete responsibility for assuring proper acoustics, controlling noise, and optimizing speech, music, and program presentation in your facility.

    We do not sell or install acoustical materials, sound systems, visual presentation systems, or lighting systems. We are design consultants who represent your interests.

      Achievement of your communication and presentation goals is dependent on many inter-related facility and system design factors, and requires coordination of all aspects of the presentation systems design with the project team, and provide input on architectural, interior, mechanical, and electrical systems designs to develop the project for optimum speech communication, music, and multimedia program presentation

    Spectra Tech can coordinate this effort and perform the following services:

    • Assist in determining user needs within our areas of expertise
    • Conduct on-site survey of existing building construction, systems, and equipment in order to identify current performance and deficiencies
    • Ask "the right questions" to properly elicit critical design and performance expectations
    • Recommend optimum performance objectives for all aspect of project design affecting communication and program presentation
    • Prepare bid & contract documents, including plans and specifications
    • Prepare budget estimates for materials, installation labor, and support services
    • Identify and prequalify acceptable contractors
    • Bid and contract administration
    • Performance testing to assist in fine-tuning the installation and assure contractor compliance with contract obligations.

    Acoustics Optimization

      Many facilities, such as auditoriums, classrooms, meeting rooms, churches, and worship spaces are constructed with the express purpose of allowing audio communication involving a substantial number of people. Thoughts, ideas and feelings are exchanged through the medium of acoustics, in the form of speech, music, and other audio presentations. In these spaces, it is imperative that the acoustic medium be designed to optimize the effectiveness of the audio communications.

    Spectra Tech can perform the following services:

    • Optimize room designs for speech and program intelligibility
    • Guide the acoustical design and construction of your facility
    • Perform onsite testing to quantify acoustic performance in an existing facility, and compare the test results to established performance standards
    • Working from blueprint drawings, we can predict key acoustical performance results in advance of construction, using our proprietary computer-based technologies (see link for example)
    • Identify any potential acoustical problems and address them before work is undertaken
    • Recommend optimium sound absorption, diffusion, and reflective surfaces
    • Recommend designs and specifications to achieve optimum sound isolation between the adjacent spaces or exterior noise sources
    • Assist your architect or interior designer in selecting appropriate construction materials, finishes, furnishings, equipment, and installation methods necessary to achieve desired results

    Noise and Vibration Control:

      Sound and vibration are natural by-products of practically all mechanical, electrical, and human activity. Low levels of sound emission and vibration are usually ignored, and are accepted as part of our everyday background sounds. When a particular sound or vibration significantly exceeds the acceptable background level for a facility, except for the purpose of communication, we refer to it as "noise".

    Spectra Tech can perform the following services:

    • Perform onsite testing at your facility, identify sources of objectionable noise, and compare the test results to normally acceptable design standards
    • Develop strategies for mitigation of noise
    • Recommend the specific noise control measures which will best suit your particular situation, based on the frequency range and intensity of the noise we measure
    • On new construction projects, we can work with other members of your design team to identify potential sources of noise
    • Develop plans and specifications to limit noise and vibration emissions to acceptable levels
    • Work with your Mechanical Engineer to develop solutions involving HVAC systems

    Sound System Optimization

      Use of a sound amplification system is necessary in all but the smallest facilities. The sound system must provide adequate inputs for all presenters and participants, must have appropriate control capabilities, and must amplify the spoken word in a "true to life" manner for all in attendance at services. An example of our system design objective: "provide amplified sound level and frequency range for all listeners equivalent to natural / unamplified sound heard as if 8 feet from the presenter or performer."

    Spectra Tech can perform the following services:

    • Computer-based analysis of building plans
    • Speaker layout based on the desired frequency spectrum output
    • Specify sound amplification and recording capabilities
    • Determination of whether any existing equipment might be salvaged and re-used
    • Consultation with system users re: input devices (microphones, control consoles, processors, etc.)
    • Coordination with electrical engineer for the primary AC power circuits, as well as standby power supplies for systems used for
      emergency purposes.

    Visual Presentation System Optimization

    Spectra Tech can perform the following services:

    • Optical design - we can optimize physical positioning of projectors, screens, and monitors for viewer line-of-sight, projected image light levels, and projected image size for viewers, etc.
    • Determination of whether any existing equipment might be salvaged and re-used
    • Computer Systems - design to interface with your existing hardware & software, and accommodate future deployment plans
    • Information Technology -design to mesh seamlessly with your existing data network
    • Video - we will integrate cameras and recording technology into the systems
    • Consultation with system users re: input and control devices (computer graphics system, control console, processors, etc.)
    • Coordination with electrical engineer regarding installation of AC power circuits for equipment

    Lighting System Optimization

    Architectural Lighting

      The importance of lighting is often underestimated in the design of buildings. Lighting determines what we see, and how we see it. Your building and each architectural feature must be carefully illuminated, in order to convey the complete visual impression which you desire. Spectra Tech uses more than simple light to illumination its subject matter:
    • Color
    • Intensity
    • Position
    • Shadow
    • Dynamic Animation

    Lighting for Services, Presentations, Performances, and Video Recording

      When your facility utilizes a visual presentation or recording system and features performances by choral groups or musicians, proper illumination and control of the light levels is essential.

    Spectra Tech can perform the following services:

    • Design lighting and dimmer system to coordinate and control all lighting within the room
    • Identification of lighting zones and requirements for illumination of individual locations
    • Determination of whether any existing lighting fixtures and dimming control equipment might be salvaged and re-used
    • Consultation with system users re: lighting fixtures, control panels)
    • Coordination with electrical engineer for the primary AC power circuits, as well as standby power supplies for systems used for
      emergency purposes.

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