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    Expert Technical Services to Assess Community Noise & Vibration, Privacy Between Adjacent Tenant Spaces:

    • On-site Testing - Long & Short Term
    • Spectra Tech Ltd Noise Monitoring System
    • Identification of Sources
    • Spectra Tech Ltd Noise Monitoring System
    • Establish Appropriate Design & Operation Criteria
    • Process & Operations Assessment
    • Environmental Impact Studies, Analysis, & Prediction
    • Human / Health Impact Assessment, Analysis, & Prediction
    • Planning, Zoning, & Municipal Ordinance Compliance
    • Community Relations & Presentations
    • Mitigation Planning & Design
    • Barrier Design & Optimization
    • Facility & Equipment Design for Noise & Vibration Control
    • Implementation Cost Estimating & Benefit Analysis
    • Implementation Contract Supervision
    • Expert Witness for Planning, Zoning, and Court Cases

    Typical Community Noise & Vibration Sources:

    • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
    • Airport / Aircraft Over-flights
    • Highways & Railroads
    • Sports, Recreation, & Entertainment Facilities
    • Concert Facilities & Night Clubs
    • Commercial Facilities
    • Transportation Terminals
    • Landfill & Bulk Storage Facilities
    • Construction Sites
    • Emergency Generator Installations
    • Spectra Tech Ltd: Example Field Test Report - Exterior Noise Spectrum
    • Building HVAC Equipment

    Typical Facilities Subject to Noise & Vibration Intrusion:

    • Commercial Facilities
    • Residential Property
    • Hospitals / Nursing Homes
    • Universities, Colleges, & Schools
    • Churches, Synagogues, Worship Facilities
    • Office Buildings

    Spectra Tech can guide the analysis of noise and vibration problems affecting your site. We have the ability to perform onsite testing to quantify noise and vibration magnitude and frequency range, and we can evaluate the acoustical performance of the building or location adversely affected by exterior noise or vibration. We can compare the test results to established performance standards. Working from blueprint drawings, we can predict key noise, vibration, and acoustical performance results in advance of construction, using our proprietary computer-based technologies and mapping software. This allows us to identify any potential problems and address them before work is undertaken. We can work with facilities to develop noise and vibration mitigation strategies. We can assist your architect or interior designer in selecting appropriate construction materials, finishes, furnishings, equipment, and installation methods necessary to achieve desired results.

    A number of noise and vibration monitoring stations can be set up to provide concurrent monitoring of multiple locations. See System Specifications, for example.

    Our staff can provide expert testimony on your behalf at court hearings and planning / zoning board meetings, to explain noise and vibration predictions and / or results of actual on-site noise & vibration testing conducted by Sppectra Tech Ltd or others.


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