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    Noise & Vibration Mitigation

    Sound and vibration are natural by-products of practically all mechanical, electrical, and human activity. Low levels of sound emission and vibration are usually ignored, and are accepted as part of our everyday background sounds. When a particular sound or vibration significantly exceeds the acceptable background level for a facility, except for the purpose of communication, we refer to it as "noise".

    Interior Noise / Vibration Field Testing Services:

    • Sound Pressure Level (SPL) A, B, C Scale
    • Noise Criteria (NC) Curves
    • Room Criteria (RC) Curves
    • HVAC System Noise
    • Plumbing System Noise
    • Structural Vibration

    Exterior Noise & Vibration Field Testing Services:

    • Rooftop HVAC System Noise
    • Emergency Generator Noise
    • Zoning, Codes & Regulations
    • Community Noise Standards

    Spectra Tech has the technical expertise necessary to conduct onsite testing at your construction site to determine whether the noise and vibration emitted by equipment is within the project's specifications and performance criteria. If the noise or vibration does not meet project specifications, we can diagnose the cause and recommend methods of reducing the noise or vibration to an acceptable level.

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