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    Spectra Tech Ltd's Noise and Vibration Testing Technology:

    • Details on multi-location noise & vibration monitoring services
    • In-house inventory of noise and vibration monitoring systems available for immediate deployment - no project is too big or too small!
    • All noise and vibration monitoring systems can be configured to connect to a cellular network, WiFi , or Ethernet, allowing transmission of level exceedance alarms, supervision, and data downloads
    • All noise and vibration test systems can be powered from AC, battery, or solar cell, and are weatherproof.
    • Optional audio recording of noise, correlated with noise data.
    • Our systems are monitored remotely in our office via the internet to provide real-time management of noise and vibration testing, and to assure that all systems are operating per project specifications.
    • Baseline noise and vibration level tests - documenting the noise and vibration levels at various locations prior to construction - can be used as a basis for comparison with noise and vibration caused by construction activity.
    • Notification of project team members when the level of noise or vibration exceeds a preset threshold, such as the project site's local ordinance and zoning restrictions. We can also program our systems to monitor specific levels and frequencies that are critical to nearby properties.
    • A number of noise and vibration monitoring stations can be deployed at your project site for extended periods of time.
    • Plot / Print Test Results: We can provide documentation of test results by plotting / printing the test values on paper, and / or provide the reslts in PDF format.

    Noise Level Monitoring Data

    • Spectra Tech employes sophisticated equipment and software to measure and document the noise level at criticalinterior and exterior locations. We can also provide assistance in designing solutions to reduce excessive noise, either at the "source" or "receiving" location.
    • Day-Night Average Sound Level (Ldn), Daytime Average Sound Level (Lday), Evening Average Sound Level (Levening), Nighttime Average Sound Level (Lnight), Equivalent Continuous Sound Level (Leq), or dBA, and associated results.
    • The Day-Night Average Sound Level (Ldn) are derived from formulae in accordance with the HUD standard.
    • Our systems can simultaneously log the noise spectrum in all 1-octave or 1/3-octave bands, providing a basis for design of noise mitigation measures.
    • To further help in identifying the source(s) of excessive noise, our systems can record actual audio of noise that exceeds preset thresholds
    • Click here for high resolution image of the sample test report.

    Vibration Level Monitoring Data

    • Spectra Tech employes sophisticated equipment and software to measure and document the vibration levels in the earth and a critical building locations to assure that neither people nor structures are harmed by construction or demolition activities. We can also provide assistance in designing solutions to reduce excessive vibration, either at the "source" or "receiving" location.
    • Our vibration monitoring systems use advanced technology, to assure accuracy and sensitivity, even when low frequency vibrations are present.
    • We can undertake seismic or vibration monitoring to prevent damage to adjacent or nearby buildings, utilities, or other property.
    • Single or multi-axes monitoring of acceleration, velocity, or displacement.


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